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October 28, 2010 Community Read Orientation and Training 7PM

DODGEVILLE, Uplands Stones into Schools Community Read Orientation and Training - On Thursday evening, October 28th, 7-9pm, at the Dodgeville Public Library, Dr. Vincent Kavaloski, a humanist scholar, will present a two-session discussion guide and lead a workshop for potential discussion leaders from greater Iowa County. Discussion leaders will be actively recruited from a variety of formal and informal organizations - libraries, civic groups, book clubs, public schools, faith communities and military families. Two short films will be shown explaining the work of Greg Mortenson and the Central Asia Institute. These DVDs will be made available for use by the discussion leaders. If you are interested in being a facilitator, please contact Vickie Stangel, Dodgeville Library Director 608-935-3728 ext. 12 or [email protected]


March 10, 2018 Sustain Iowa County 11AM
February 21, 2018 Weekly Postcard Writing 9:30AM
February 20, 2018 Spring Primary Election 7AM-8PM
February 15, 2018 Dodgeville Quality of Life
February 14, 2018 Weekly Postcard Writing
January 15, 2018 MLKing Global Vision at Noon
January 6, 2018 Normal is Over Screening 11AM
December 13, 2017 Take Action Group Meets 9:30AM
November 17, 2017 Souper Science Event 6PM
November 15, 2017 Sign up for Healthcare NOW until Dec. 15th

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