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October 9, 2014 Hi-Capcity Powerline Open House Info Session

(Dodgeville) ATC/ITC Powerline Open House at Dodger Bowl.

Many of you know we've been requesting (through township boards and municipalities) that a cost benefit analysis be done before the American Transmission Co. (ATC) moves forward with high capacity power line expansion through Iowa Co. NOW is the time you can raise your voice of concern. Please read the copied message below then do what you can to:

1.) show up at the meeting(s)/ trade show(s) All "trade shows" are from 4:00-7:00 pm. AND /OR

2.) Submit a written letter.

Local meeting - Wednesday, Oct. 8 Dodger Bowl Banquet Hall 4-7 pm
There's good evidence that this power line expansion is not needed. It may be considerably less expensive economically and environmentally to expand accelerated energy efficiency instead of creating new expensive power line infra-structure.

Public Information Open Houses:

Monday, October 6th
Grant County Fairgrounds-UW Extension Youth & Agriculture Center
916 East Elm St., Lancaster

Tuesday, Oct. 7
Belmont Convention Center & Banquet Hall
102 West Mound View Ave., Belmont

Wednesday, Oct. 8
Dodger Bowl Banquet Hall
318 King St., Dodgeville

Thursday, Oct. 9
Marriott Madison West – Ballroom-Salon D
1313 John Q. Hammons Drive, Middleton

Things you can do at these sessions:
(1) Verbally cite specific adverse affects on your local economy and your natural assets. No one wants to live anywhere near these lines, new businesses simply build elsewhere. New retirement home building is a huge part of new economic activity and tax base for communities.

(2) Most effective, leave written letter asking that the high voltage transmission option be immediately proven to be monetarily and beneficially competitive with a comparable investment in Energy Efficiency and local power. Words are not recorded at these meetings-- only written submissions. To make your statement even louder_ send a copy to the PSC or better yet, upload a copy of your letter on the PSC Docket #136-CE-164 Instructions: http://tinyurl.com/ofsvnq7

Though asked by more than 90 municipalities all across Wisconsin for three years, the utility has failed to conduct this fundamental cost benefit analysis and produce it for ratepayers to evaluate. The more you speak up about not allowing competition and the fair market to work, etc, the "hotter" your local waters will test.

Here is a map of potential corridors in the area: http://soulwisconsin.org/Documents/SW_WI_PotentialHighCapacityTransmissionPlanning.pdf


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