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Local Action Opportunities

Multicultural outreach programVolunteer tutors are needed right now in Dodgeville and Darlington to help teach English to our new immigrant neighbors.   If you don’t like what is going on at our southern border, you can do something about it right here at home – by volunteering to help asylum seekers who have recently arrived in Dodgeville, Darlington and the surrounding area.  Or you may be helping immigrants learn English who are working hard on our local farms.   You’ll be primarily working in tutoring teams.  Being a volunteer English tutor is a richly rewarding experience.  As a tutor you do not need to speak Spanish or have a teaching background – although teachers are always welcome.  Contact the MultiCultural Outreach Program at [email protected] or call 608-623-2109 to sign up as a volunteer – or for more information.

OUR GRASSROOTS CITIZENS Immigration team is working to educate and achieve a better understanding of immigration issues in our area. To get involved, contact Shirley Barnes at [email protected]

yo hablo espanolWed., August 14, 6 p.m. (Mineral Point) CAFÉ CON AMIGOS group gets together  Whether you’ve had high school Spanish, speak Spanish like a native – or are a Spanish-speaking wannabe – join this friendly group to practice your language skills and sip some coffee or wine.  Everyone who is eager to create welcoming communities in southwest Wisconsin is invited.  Location:   Café 43, 43 High Street, Mineral Point.   For more info contact Mayra Angel at [email protected]

drinking liberallyWed., Aug 21, 5:30 to 8 p.m.  (Dodgeville) DRIFTLESS AREA DRINKING LIBERALLY chapter   Drop in at Duke’s Brew Pub, 105 Chapel Street in Dodgeville between 5:30 and 8 p.m., Wed., August 21, for lively conversation about topics that matter.  You’ll be joining other self-identified liberals and progressives.   Such Drinking Liberally groups get together monthly throughout the country at favorite “hot” spots to talk politics and drink responsibly!   For information contact Jubie Simonson at [email protected]

Voter Registration driveWed. Aug. 7, 10:30 a.m.  (Mineral Point) A VOTER REGISTRATION CAMPAIGN IS A MISSION OF THE DODGEVILLE/MINERAL POINT POST CARD GROUP.   This active bunch, which is continually growing, invites you to join them any Wednesday morning at 9:30 a.m. to write postcards, share coffee and talk about topics that matter.  The group rotates between local coffee shops.   Here’s the schedule for the coming months:   August 14, Cook’s Room in Dodgeville; August 21, Pointer Café in Mineral Point; August 28, Cobblestone Café in Dodgeville; Sept. 4, Gray Dog in Mineral Point; September 11, Cook’s Room in Dodgeville; September 18, Pointer Café in Mineral Point; September 25, Cobblestone in Dodgeville. 

A voter registration campaign is on their agenda for the coming months.  Volunteers will be trained by the League of Women Voters.

Another priority of the Dodgeville/Mineral Point post card group is to push for Fair Voting Maps, based on the Iowa Model.  The group worked hard recently to get the Iowa County Board to pass a Fair Maps Resolution.  As a result, three Republicans -- including Rep. Todd Novak, Rep. Travis Tranel and Rep. Joel Kitchens --have signed on as co-sponsors of Wisconsin Senate Bill SB 288 and Assembly Bill AB 303.  Help them keep up the pressure to get these bills into law.

Citizen Climate LobbySat., Aug. 10, 11 a.m. (Dodgeville) CITIZENS CLIMATE LOBBY AND SUSTAIN IOWA COUNTY GROUP TO MEET.
   Join the gathering of these active environmental groups at the Dodgeville Country Kitchen, 1202 N. John Street.    The latest modeling shows that by far the single most effective action society can take to slow the Earth's warming is to put a fee on the production of CO2 producing fuels.   The local CCL group is actively lobbying for H.R. 763, the Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act that does just that and already has 56 bi-partisan co-sponsors.  Learn more at: https://energyinnovationact.org/data-sources/   If you can’t make the meeting, at least send a message to Rep. Marc Pocan to let him know you support his co-sponsorship of the bill.  It's more important than ever that we act decisively to address climate disruption.

OUR GRASSROOTS CITIZENS SUSTAIN IOWA COUNTY group works at the local, state and national levels on climate change and environment issues. To get involved, contact Chuck Tennessen at [email protected]

Collective VisionPLATTEVILLE AND DARLINGTON – NEW POSTCARD WRITING GROUPS ARE FORMING    Get in on the ground floor with a new political action post-card writing group that is coming together in Darlington.  Contact Kate Bausch at [email protected], 608-726-0286, for details of time and place.   Sue Strickler continues her postcard writing group in Platteville although they are not meeting weekly during the summer. For details contact [email protected], 608-330-3027.

Monday mornings at 10 a.m.  MAZO MUDDLERS MEET
at Base Camp Café at 18 Brodhead in Mazomanie.   They write postcards and participate in other political action.  For further info contact [email protected]

immigrationSat., Aug. 17, 10 a.m. to noon (Sauk City) PROTEST ON THE SAUK CITY BRIDGE   Indivisible Sauk Prairie invites all of you to join their members in a protest on the Sauk City Bridge against the Administration’s immigration policies and the President’s anti-American rhetoric.  Help us show that these divisive, racist policies are not acceptable in our America. 

OUR GRASSROOTS CITIZENS FOR PEACE organizes forums and cultural events to encourage dialogue about critical peace and justice issues.
For more info, contact Bryan Walton at [email protected]

protect the driftlessLATE SUMMER -- FINAL DECISION ON CARDINAL-HICKORY TRANSMISSION LINE WILL BE DELIVERED   Thanks to the huge outpouring of opposition voices at the recent public hearings, all seven state representatives and senators representing southwest Wisconsin have co-authored letters to the Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC) expressing a range of concerns about this expensive, unneeded proposal.  Now is the time for Gov. Evers to send the same type of message to the PSC.  You can encourage him to do so by writing directly to him or through your Letter to the Editor, especially in the Madison papers where his staff will be sure to see it.  Please help keep this issue in front of the public and the decision-makers.

NEW:  NEW ACTION GROUP TAKING SHAPE IN LAFAYETTE COUNTY   Our Lafayette County neighbors liked what they saw at recent gatherings of the Action Iowa County team so are now launching their own group called Informed Lafayette Action (ILA).  For more information about the group call Ray Spellman at 608-776-2832 or email him at [email protected]

OUR GRASSROOTS Health Care Task Force has been working since 2008 to insure everyone receives quality, affordable health care. To get involved, contact Earl Barnes at [email protected]

Other Community Events

Tues., Aug. 20th, 6-8 p.m. (Dodgeville) IOWA COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS MEETS in regular session at the Health and Human Services Building, 303 W. Chapel Street. When it becomes available, the agenda will be posted at on the "Meetings" calendar at http://www.iowacounty.org/

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