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Mission Statement: To promote resilience in our community and environment especially in the production of energy and the use of resources.

Our Close Partnership in the Greater Iowa County Area: 
Iowa County Chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) is a grassroots organization committed to creating political will for a stable climate. CCL advocates for revenue-neutral legislation that combines a fee, collected on the extraction and production of carbon-based fuels, and a dividend that returns all monies collected to every American household. This policy would be a market-based equalizer that recognizes the real cost of carbon and encourages a move toward the generation of clean energy.

Three hundred ten CCL chapters from around the world meet monthly via teleconference. We listen to a national speaker to learn more about climate change, the politics involved, related programs world-wide, and how to be effective advocates. Local meetings are held on the 2nd Saturday of every month, 11:00 am, at the the Country Kitchen Cafe, 1202 N. Johns St., Dodgeville. More at: citizensclimatelobby.org

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Chuck Tennessen writes a column for the Dodgeville Chronicle, which can also be seen here at his blog site: www.foreverearthbound.net. Chuck says, “Our efforts ARE making a difference, but there is more work to be done.”

Groups We’ve Worked with in the Greater Iowa County Area:

  • SOUL (Save Our Unique Lands) http://www.soulwisconsin.org/
  • Driftless Defenders - a strong proponent of meeting the energy demands of Wisconsin and its adjoining states through improvements in energy efficiency,conservation, and local renewables.
  • Dodgeville Green & Healthy Schools Program - Contact Chuck Tennessen [email protected]
  • Faith Community Outreach - Contact Anne Bachner - [email protected]
  • Folklore Village – Sustainability Fair http://folklorevillage.com

    Our Continuing Initiatives:

  • Potential High Capacity Power Line Expansion through Iowa County: The American Transmission Company (ATC) is proposing the so-called Hickory Creek - Cardinal Bluffs 345-kV power line from Dubuque County, IA through Iowa County, WI to Middleton, WI. With guidance from Save Our Unique Lands (SOUL) Sustain Iowa County has been talking with local municipalities requesting they consider supporting a resolution for a cost-benefit analysis as part of the planning process. Such an analysis may show that sufficient, secure electrical power for Southwest Wisconsin may be available through accelerating energy efficiencies at a much lower cost financially, environmentally and esthetically. We anticipate that the Public Service Commission will be holding public hearings in 2016. Sustain Iowa County plans to advance the conversation and be an information source on this topic.
  • Public Service Announcements and Radio Ads In April, May and early June (Earth Day Season) Sustain works with WDMP radio station to air free public service announcements concerning the impacts of climate change in Wisconsin. This is in conjunction with paid radio ads during the same time period touting the benefits of Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s “carbon fee and dividend” legislative proposal.
  • A Developing Initiative:
    Sustain is opening a conversation with Upland Hills Health with the hope that we may be able to coordinate with them to encourage and promote sustainable practices in their facilities and among their staff and clients.

    Member Interest in Potential New Initiatives:

    • Sustainable / Healthy Living - especially in regards to household products and food production
    • Coordination with UW-Platteville to research and promote the development of local, clean distributed energy resources

    For questions or to join Sustain Iowa County contact:
    Chuck Tennessen at [email protected] or (608) 987-3835 or
    Grassroots Citizens of Wisconsin
    2473 Mt Hope Road, Dodgeville, WI 53533
    Tel. 608-623-2109
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