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July 9, 2016 Iowa County Citizen's Climate Meeting 11AM

Enthusiastic Environmental Advocates: Environmental issues and opportunities seems to be pouring forth more rapidly than ever. Where to commit one's time and energies?? Here are a few highlights to consider as we look forward to Meeting July 9, 11:00 AM, Dodgeville Country Kitchen and focusing on the future.

*ATC Powerline - Many of us are paying attention to the organizational efforts of the Driftless Defenders (DD) and the Driftless Area Land Conservancy (DALC). Here's info concerning the next DD meeting from Bruce Noble: "Next General Meeting of Driftless Defenders is Monday, July 11, American Legion Post 97, N. Douglas St., Dodgeville. Howard Learner, Dodgeville resident and national authority on Environmental Law and Policy will be our principle speaker. We look forward to a landmark presentation that will help DD set its independent agenda for defending against the ATC high voltage transmission lines in the future. And there will be more action oriented discussion."

*Community Solar - Many of us have tossed around the idea of promoting a community solar project. It seems to me that expanding community solar projects in Iowa Co. would certainly have a dampening influence and slow enthusiasm for expanding high capacity power lines. And even if the power line expansion eventually does go through, expanded community solar would be a plus. With that in mind, I've been studying a Dept of Energy publication and have initiated contacts with the renewable energy director of Alliant Energy and with Kurt Reinhold of Legacy Solar Coop, a community solar consulting agency. Is this an initiative we'd like to pursue?

*Citizens' Climate Lobby 2017 Promise - Executive Director, Mark Reynolds, and the 1,000 some CCL conference attendees see 2017 as our best shot at passing Carbon Fee & Dividend legislation; they've made a pledge to do so. Are we on board? We'll need all hands on deck!

We can help shape the future of Iowa Co., and indeed, planet Earth. Your every effort to do so is a blessing to us all. Hope to see you on the 9th!
Meanwhile, Happy 4th!


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