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November 8, 2017 Congressional Call-In

Wed., Nov 8 (SW Wisconsin) CONGRESSIONAL CALL-IN ABOUT CARBON FEE AND DIVIDEND LEGISLATION. “2017 is an exciting and challenging time to be alive. We have the opportunity to create a vibrant world to be enjoyed for generations to come. It's a blessing to be working toward that vision with you,” says Chuck Tennessen, head of the Iowa County/Citizens Climate Change lobby. He and his active group urge everyone to join the Nov. 8 nation-wide effort to flood our Members of Congress with calls asking for Carbon Fee & Dividend legislation. “It couldn’t be easier,” says Chuck. Click here on using the online action. “Just plug in your zip code. You'll be linked to your 3 Congressional representatives and given a suggested script and talking points. You'll be able to contact all 3 in less than 10 minutes and you'll be helping build a livable world.” For more details about the Call-In and about the work of the local Climate Change lobby group, contact, Chuck Tennessen at [email protected]


December 13, 2017 Take Action Group Meets 9:30AM
November 17, 2017 Souper Science Event 6PM
November 15, 2017 Sign up for Healthcare NOW until Dec. 15th
November 11, 2017 Sustain Iowa County 11AM
November 9, 2017 Trillions for the Military - Kathy Kelly
November 8, 2017 Take Action Group Meets 9:30AM
November 8, 2017 Congressional Call-In
October 18, 2017 Weekly Postcard Writing 9:30AM
October 15, 2017 Action Iowa County Fundraiser
October 15, 2017 Support Senator Tammy Baldwin 4PM

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